Dining Table Ergonomics and Chair Planning

What is meant by ergonomics dining table is a particular dimension of the ideal body size at the time consumers use these appliances. The shape and type of dining table can be made a variety of in accordance with the functions and location of the table. To make the size of the table we need to know the number of people who will use the dining table. And from the function we can determine the sectional shape of the table. Then there will be some consideration of the types of materials that will be used to top board the table is of glass, wood, metal, and wicker or even wrapped with leather.
Dining table form
Dining table with a top round very good to make the dinner event more intimate because everyone can face each other to talk to each other. In terms of design is also more beautiful because there are no sharp corners. The drawback is the problem of space, the round table requires more space and difficult to store in the warehouse (if necessary).
Square: It is suitable for 2-4 people and events easy placement in any room. Any efficient storage, do not need a special place. Form of a table like this is less useful for dinner more than 4 people and when placed in the long room will look like a barrier.
Rectangle: Can be used for the excess number of people and can also be used as a buffet table or placed near the wall when not in use. Rectangular table usually large and need a big space.
Ellipse / Oval: The aesthetic is very good and is informal because the corners are curved and beautiful. Not suitable to be placed in the corner.
Triangle: With medium size, shape triangle of the top table is almost the same with a round function. Each person can interact with at each other face. This suitable for a maximum 6 number people.
Table Top Board Size
Dining table high is between 73-75 inches from the floor. For certain functions can be used height 70 cm. Minimum lengths and width is 60 cm for ergonomic function because everyone needs a minimum of 60 cm. If needed more, it should be 10-15 cm distance. For example a table for 2 people sitting side by side, then the minimum width is (60 cm x 2) + 10 cm = 130 cm.
Leg Table Dimension
There is no standard measure of the legs of the table (solid wood base material) in relation to the dimensions of the top dining table, at least as far as the knowledge we have possessed. Technically, many factors influence table leg strength to bear the whole of the table. Wood types, model construction, type of board material on the table, form and height of the table legs.

Chair planning
Creating the design of furniture not only required in terms of imagination colors, shapes and lines of beautiful combinations. In addition to these and is a very important thing is the knowledge of a standard size furniture. You could have planned a set of beautiful kitchen cupboard customize your arrangement of interior space, but less logical if you can not use it with comfort due to a high of the table does not match the ergonomic your body. Or a dining chair that is too short also makes the dinner becomes less enjoyable.
Basic instructions design chairs
Standard sizes are taken from the designer is an average 90% of human population size. Here are some guidelines for you to make a chair design.
1. Users should be able to easily sit down or move from the chair without a problem.
2. If there armrest, armrest height should be such that the user does not need to raise his shoulder at the time put his hand on the armrest.
3. Armrest height from the floor should be appropriate of the free space under the table, so chairs can be added to the bottom of the table when not in use.
4. ALL chair legs should touch the floor for stability.
5. Distance holder of the chair back to front (seat depth) should not be longer than the distance behind the knee to the back of the user. If too deep to make the user's back pain due to uncomfortable, but if too short to make the chair becomes unstable and easily fall.
6. The width of the front seat should be more widely about 5-7 cm for the feet.
7. For lazy chair, chair seat should be tilted at an angle of about 5° - 8°, office chair usually has a more straight angle.
8. Also with back holder seats, tilt angle of about 10° to 15°.
9. Seat height normal and the ideal is 30 - 40 cm (12"- 16"). To achieve the ideal design, dining chairs usually exceed these standards but still retaining the angle of the back.
Standard Size
Here is the standard size adult seat for the category of normal size.
1. Holder
Width: 40 - 50 cm (16"-20")
Deep/In: 37.5 to 45 cm (15"-18")
Height: 40 - 45 cm (16"-18")
The slope/tilt from front to back: 5° - 8°
2. Armrest (holder hand)
Height of seat: 17.5 to 22.5 cm (7"-9")
Length from base to tip: minimum 20 cm (8")
Width: average of 5 cm (2")
The slope/tilt of the front: 5 - 7.5 cm (2"-3")
3. Back
Height: 30 - 40 cm (12"-16") from the seat
The slope/tilt angle: 0° - 5° (formal); 10° -15° (casual).

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